Project : The Opening Show Of The New Tiffany & Co. Beijing Flagship Store/ Blue Is The Color Of  Dreams

Debut Date : Oct. 2010
Client :
Production Company : d’strict



Tiffany & Co. Global Campaign/ Blue Is The Color Of Dreams

Using the world’s largest building as a screen

This performance created a wonderful sensation by converting both walls of supersized 145m x 47m Tiffany store into actual screens for the projection.

A differentiated Façade technology using two planes

Different from the previous façade events in which only one side of the building was used, and viewers could perceive the sense of dimension only when they’re facing the front of the building, Tiffany’s opening event fully employed two engaging sides of the building for the façade movie. So having the edge of the building as a view point in such way created a new level of space and great sense of depth.

New 3D space is instantly created inside the box-shaped building, and Tiffany’s beautiful jewelries emerged from the space. The show’s highlight where the building transformed into one gigantic diamond stone captivated the audience.

Tiffany, the jewel carved out of light

This promotion video starts with the ribbon on the big blue box untying with the light particles. A streak of light shines the building, then all of the sudden the light scatters as it covers the entire building with the gigantic diamond stone. The building bursts with its mesmerizing beauty in radiant blue light, and shows Tiffany’s origin reflected through the stone. Beijing’s Tiffany store becomes the actual New York store, and displays New York City represented by the Empire State Building with alluring light movements. With this dazzling light feast, the stone transforms into a beautiful Tiffany jewelry, as Tiffany’s signature items diamond ring, brooch with butterfly motif, and elegant diamond necklace Majestic are presented in order.

Media façade as the outdoor advertisement

d’strict’s façade directing based on Hyper Façade technology and 3D movie is a new concept façade application that breaks the barrier between art performance and commercial advertising. It has a great significance and expected effect as outdoor media advertising for it not only celebrated Tiffany’s new flagship store opening but also introduced new jewelry collection.